Currently working on real time markerless 3D modeling at INRIA Rhônes-Alpes, I present here briefly the Grimage project and its middleware which it is now based on : Flowvr.

. Grimage .

GrImage is both a project and plateform name for live 3D reconstruction at INRIA Grenoble. This is done by using several 1MP cameras (up to 8 cameras) as view cones for EPVH mesh reconstruction. Camera sending images on a PC cluster that provides computing power for image acquisition and graphic rendering (with NVIDIA GTX 680).
A synchronisation box (CC320) sends TTC signal to all cameras (from 5 up to 30fps) for ensuring all images are synchronized.
The person in the middle of the platform is reconstructed in 3D and may wear a HMD system ( Head Mounted Display) for immersion.
A 3 cameras Infrared system has been recently added for accuratly track any passive targets (ARTracker). Synchronized with all cameras as well, it enables the HMD to adapt its point of view to the motions of the user.
Grimage is part of the European project Visionair and then share its plateform for scenes acquisitions.
This markerless real time 3D modeling project applications are mainly movies production and video games but for interactive applications as well.

. Flowvr .

Flowvr is a core middleware library devellopped in C++ and relies on a data-flow oriented programming approach that has been successfully used by other scientific visualization tools. It eases parrallel processing for applications that need high computing power.

. 4DViews Solution Company .

Part of the technology developed for Grimage is commercialized by the 4D View Solution company.

. 4DV Repository Website .

A free access website gathers and provides few animated 3D scenes. See the Links page for accessing the 4D Repository website and eventually download some of the 4d datasets available (dancer, dog, children, etc...).

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