The MOAIS Project is part of the LIG together with the MESCAL Project.


Grenoble INP

Management Software for Cartoon Production WorkFlow (Overmind porject)

INRIA Grenoble Research Center (France), one of the leading research institute in computer science in Europe is looking for computer science or computer engineering candidates with a Master, Engineering or PhD title. The position is available now (November 2015). Starting date can be adjusted according to the candidate constraints. Incomes will depend on qualification and experience level, according to INRIA rates. The production of cartoons involve a huge number of tasks performed by various persons (artists, graphic designers, ...). This complex workflow, i.e. graph of tasks, needs to be continuously adjusted during the development to take into accounts changes required by the director, incorrect evaluation of the execution time of some tasks, availability of staff, etc. The goal of this project is to develop an open source tool for handling these complex workflows, optimize the planification of tasks, monitoring the production, performing analytics to extract for instance the end time or the expected cost. The work of the candidate for this position will specifically focus on the planification engine. He will have to work in close collaboration with the cartoon production company involved in this project, with work meeting in Paris. The applicants should hold a Master in computer science or computer engineering, a good experience with scriptinglanguages like Python, some knowledge about operational research and optimisation techniques, and a good level of scientific english.

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