The MOAIS Project is part of the LIG together with the MESCAL Project.


Grenoble INP



November 2015
3 Engineer/postdoc open positions at Moais
July 2015
HP "The Machine"
The Mescal and Moais teams welcome Patrick Demichel, system architect at HP, to present HP's project "The Machine".

Presentation slides


November 2013
You've heard all about distributed computing. How about distributed artistic performance?

Singers, musicians and dancers from across the continent (literally) brought together for a show, in real time. This is a joint effort from teams in Barcelona, Poznan, Vilnius and Grenoble. Our part is to reconstruct a dancer in real-time using the Grimage platform. We merge video streams from Grenoble, Barcelona and Poznan while Barcelona streams the music. All that is left is for the audience in Vilnius to enjoy the performance.

Video link, ICT2013.


June 2012
Visu 2012, September 25th, 2012, Paris
The third installment of the "Visualization day" will be held at Paritech (Paris) on September 25th, 2012.

Bruno Raffin and Mathias Ettinger are helping organize this event, which aims at gathering industrial and academic actors from the french visualization community, to discuss the current stakes and the challenges to come in scientific visualization and information visualization.

More information is available at the Visu 2012 website. [fr]
June 2012
RenPar'21, Grenoble, January 15-18th, 2013
The 21st "Rencontres francophones du Parallélisme" (French meeting on parallelism) will be held at Grenoble, in January 15-18th, 2013.

The meeting is an excellent opportunity for researchers and students alike to share their views, exchange, as well as learn about recent developments in the fields of parallelism, architecture and systems.

Thierry Gautier will play an important part in this event, as he was appointed President of the scientific program commitee.

Source [fr]
January 2012
Equipex Kinovis
Moais is participating to the newly funded Kinovis platform.

Kinovis is a new platform for capture and advanced analysis of moving forms.
GrImage, a virtual reality platform at INRIA using FlowVR, merges into this project and becomes the first of two different platforms associating depth cameras and more than 50 high resolution color cameras in a new large acquisition space.

The second Kinovis platform, located in the LADAF (French Alps Anatomy Laboratory), associate X-ray and color cameras to enable reconstruction of internal as well as external anatomy of biological forms.


December 2011
FlowVR 1.8 Release
February 2011
Google Research Award
Denis Trystram has been awarded the Google Research Award thanks to his work on efficient distributed resources management.

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October 2010
ACMM 2010, Grimage/FlowVR
FlowVR was used in a tele-immersive experiment involving 3 distant clusters at Grenoble, Bordeaux and Orleans.
March 2010
TakTuk 3.7 Release


August 2009
Grimage platform at Siggraph 2009

The MOAIS (INRIA-LIG), PERCEPTION (INRIA-LJK), EVASION (INRIA-LJK) teams and the 4DViews company will demo the Grimage platform during 5 days at the Emerging Technology Show, Siggraph 2009, New Orleans. Users will experience a new full-body immersive and interactive environment coupling a head-mounted display and real-time 3D modeling.

The submission video and a one page article are available at:

On the Siggraph 2009 web site

Other related links:


October 2008
Kaapi/Taktuk wins 5th international challenge GRIDS@WORK

After its' 2007 victory on the N-Queens problem during the 4th GRID@WORK challenge, team "Kaapi/Taktuk", led by Xavier Besseron, just did it again during the 5th GRID@WORK at Nice, 23 October 2008. "2008 Super Quant Monte-Carlo" By using 3609 cores from a grid of machines located in France and Japan, and during one allocated hour, team Kaapi/Taktuk priced 988 actions out of 1000, scoring 8760/18000 points, securing themselves the first place. The second best team priced 177 actions on 4329 cores, obtaining a score of 1459/18000.

November 2008
Grimage at the science festival held at the "Grand Palais de Paris"

The Grimage platform, a project on which three research teams collaborate, Moais (LIG, INRIA), Perception (LJK, INRIA) and Evasion (LJK, INRIA), will be presented at the "Grand Palais de Paris" the 14, 15 and 16 November 2008 for the "European City of Science" event.
This demonstration puts into light our algorithmical and software developments, accessible through our open-source projects FlowVR, SOFA, or the start-up business 4D Views Solutions created in September 2007.
This demo follows those at IEEE VR 2006, VISION 2006, Siggraph 2007 (Emerging Technologies) and ACM VRST 2008. It will be visible at "la cité du numérique" (INRIA, espace 51).

Grimage on the LCI French Channel

Bruno Raffin discuss the possible applications of the Grimage technology on LCI.


August 2007
Moais at Siggraph 2007 Emerging Technologies

Grimage runs FlowVR to reach real time executions with a PC cluster.